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GreenTagging aims to source the best quality and most reputable products there are for your Business whether it be for commercial use or protecting your personal investment. Here’s some of the research that’s been done to back it up.

 Leading Nano Coating

 Permanon is a leading-edge High-tech development in terms of surface-protection and cleaning on the basis of pure monomeric silicium. Silicium, with the abbreviation SI14 in the periods system, is a natural product and is, after H2O, the most frequently occurring element on earth.

Silicium is found in sand, glass as well as in the human body. Even in the medical field, silicium in used in the research and development of new medicines. Permanon products with silicium do not undergo any chemical reaction with the material to be coated.Through a complex procedure, it was managed to create a static attractive force on all materials, without damaging the materials. Conventional waxes or silicone-oil combinations become unnecessary.

Permanon products are exclusively available as a high concentrate in trading units of 500ml, 1 litre, and 2 litre bottles and 5, 10, 20, 220, 1000 litres canisters.

These concentrates can be diluted with water with an applied concentration of 1% to 5%, depending on the type of surface (10-50ml concentrate on 1litre of water).The product Shampoo is a “Two in One” and contains cleaning and surfaces protectionThe product Supershine is a surface-protection with a higher shine effect. In the animation shown below, you see the “protection” with silicium.

The smooth surface is, under microscopic enlargement, a landscape out of mountains and seas, that fill itself with dirt and dust particles and/or water in the capillaries. Without surface-protection it is quite hard to clean these micro-layers; for this, usually caustic cleaners are required. With the use of Permanon-products you can act non-polluting, efficiently and simply, for Permanon-products with silicium do not undergo any chemical connection with the material to be coated on. A value conserving care guarantees you an optimum solution

Since 1997

Since being founded in 1997 the company has focused on the constant development and further research of cleaning and maintaining surfaces. We have divided our products into different product segments. They all clean surfaces thoroughly, sealing them at the same time, thus providing sustainable maintenance.

They complement each other perfectly.

Our products are sold by qualified distribution partners in Germany, Europe and overseas. We keep improving the national and international distribution of our high-tech products. Even now we can publicly celebrate our success together with our reference partners who work worldwide.

On the basis of our many years of experience in nanotechnology and surface protection we focus our company strategy on research and on the production of the products we develop. Of course we observe all environmental regulations. Our customers want high-quality cleaning and maintenance products and it is important to us to meet those demands.

We, the company Permanon, work hard to make an active contribution to the protection of our environment through our reliability and competence. All Permanon products are biologically degradable. Permanon products have a wide range of applications. They are ideally suited for private households, trades, industry and all kinds of sophisticated leisure activities.

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