Sanides 2 in 1 – Ready To Use 2 pack


Sanides ensures hygiene, lime-free surfaces and provides a fresh scent.

Permanon has developed the low acidic cleaner SANIDES specifically for sanitary areas of pool & spa facilities as well as for the private sector. SANIDES is a specialty cleaner for the entire sanitary area with antimicrobial effectiveness. Primarily designed to work against urine scales and lime-scale buildup, soap, oxidation residues and crystalline deposits in sanitary areas. For various areas, such as fitness centers, tanning studios or physiotherapy centers which need frequent cleaning.


Detailed Spec Sheet for Sanides 2 in 1 – Ready To Use 

Additional information

wide range of surface applications:

sanitary installations in private homes and businesses
wellness areas and bathrooms
public facilities and restrooms, washbasins, mobile toilets / portable toilets, full baths and shower cabins, saunas, plunge pools


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