D6Max Mount



The D6 Series Mount is powered by patented Corona Discharge Bipolar Ionization technology.

This technology allows for the continuous production of an equal amount of positive and negative ions at a high density.

The D6 Series Mount unit is self-contained in an aluminum housing with a molded flange and screw/magnet holes for installation.

These units are installed in-line with the ductwork of an HVAC system and operate on 12-24 VAC/DC.

  • Recommended CFM Range up to 6,800
  • Ion output up to 1 Trillion Ions/Second

NOTE: Ion output and Ion concentration in the space may change (changes in airflow, humidity, temperature, CFM, HVAC system, structure, room size, etc.)

*Cannot be sold in California – (Not CARB Certified)

*D6 Series Chip is CARB certified and may be sold in California