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Permanon Yacht is a premium surface protection for top quality materials on luxury yachts, indoors and outdoors. High-price merchandise requires special value-maintaining measures.

Precious material surfaces on a yacht with its exclusive flair need very special protection. The shipping industry for sweet and/or seawater routes demands spotless purity and lustrous shine for yachts and exclusive vessels. By using the highly-sophisticated care product Permanon Yacht you indicate that you want to provide long-term protection for the yacht you cherish.

Highlighted Features

Lasts for Months

Just a single application will bond with your boat and protect it for months before you have to treat it again at just a fraction of the cost of similar products.

Easy to Apply

Using a diluted mixture of Permanon in a spray bottle you can apply it to any surface on your boat thoroughly then wipe to ensure even coating before you rinse! That’s it.


The natural raw material Si14 in its basal form is 100% biologically degradable. It does not produce any residue that is detrimental to the marine environment.


Industry Leading Quality


This surface protection product grants you a higher UV resistance and independence of temperature compared to other conventional boat products. It is best suited for salt water applications. However, also lime and acidic minerals will not affect treated surfaces in a negative way. This chemistry-free and bio-degradable solution provides optimal protection for your yacht from organic contamination, such as seagull droppings etc.


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