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Anti-bacterial Cleansing Solutions (ABC’s® by Green Tagging™)

You and your team can have bacteria free surfaces, it can be done with less work and anti-bacterial material, it is safe for both your team to use and for those that touch the surfaces. We call it the simple ABC’s process, clean, seal and maintain. It is a low cost method, simple training process and will reduce transmittable bacteria substantially.

Detailed Specs

Simply one of the easiest methods of Surface Bacteria Reduction

1) Use a Green Cleaning detergent to clean all surfaces that will be touched by children,
patients, or practitioners, school bus drivers, students and other locations such as waiting
rooms, Dental offices, labs and Doctor’s offices. Health Clubs and play school areas.
2) Using the Electrostatic Sprayer – fill tank with Silver Line Super Surface Sealant and spray
across total area that will have human interactions
3) Using the Electrostatic Sprayer – fill tank with Health Canada approved anti-bacterial
spray and do total area as above
4) On a daily basis use Sanides 2in 1 ( Cleaner and resealant) on all touch points taps, door
knobs, light switches, toys, railings any area that is used and where abrasion may dislodge
the sealant.
Repeat step 1 and 2 once per month
Repeat step three daily during high Flu seasons
Repeat step 4 daily
Simple, straightforward and effective in battling H1N1, E.coli and other infecting bacteria

Highlighted Features

Lasts for the Month

Simply reapply each month to keep areas protected

Easy to Apply

Simply spray on surfaces evenly to achieve protection from H1N1, E.coli and other infecting bacteria


All products with the GreenTagging stamp are eco friendly and safe for use anywhere.


Industry Leading Quality


We recommend use of one of our electrostatic spraying systems when dealing with sensitive environments in health related situations for the best and most thorough coverage.

Electrostatic hand Held lithium battery operated unit makes movement easy as no cords are
necessary and the dual electrostatic infusion makes the material bond and spread and is very
effective and economical.

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