Aircraft Applications

Added Aviation Safety

Very small air resistance thanks to Aircraft Supershine, the surface protection for aviation, proved positive for helicopters, gliders, propeller and jet aircraft.

In the times of mass tourism, international air travel and global increase in passenger transport volumes it is absolutely essential to maintain all highly stressed areas in and outside of the aircraft consistently in a reliable manner. In everyday operation the many aircrafts in service are expected to have a modern, attractive image according to relevant ecological standards, which symbolize a high level of functionality, maintenance and safety.

Highlighted Uses

  • outer shell with strong temperature fluctuations
  • propellers and turbines
  • chassis and mechanics
  • cockpit and aircraft kitchens / baggage bins and storage compartments
  • light, ventilation and service information tables
  • seat-backs, monitors and telephones
  • control buttons etc.
  • aircraft toilets
  • diaper changing rooms
  • armrests
  • overhead luggage compartments

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